I'm new to this, help!

Let's be honest for a minute shall we? Getting a plant obsession is incredibly exciting, but it's also really really daunting. The deeper you get into your obsession, the more you realise that it's an expensive hobby, plants, pots, fertaliser, accessories, it all adds up and we want to help you to be successful in your new-found greatest love.

Here's the top 5 things we wish we knew way back when.

1). You can't decide where the plant will live, and then force it to live there. I had to learn that no matter how much I wanted my fiddle leaf fig beside the buffet to add an element of height and texture to that part of the room, it hated that spot and shouldn't be forced to endure it.

2). Plants are not watered on the same schedule. I had to learn that I couldn't just water every plant once a week and expect them to all be ok. Some plants need almost daily watering, and others not for weeks. Invest in a moisture meter, best thing I did.

3). Succulents and cacti, will mostly not like being inside. I have killed more of these plants than anything else because I wanted them to be inside where I could enjoy them, and they wanted sunshine and fresh air. I now have a space outside where I can enjoy all my succulents and cacti and it makes me happy that I've started paying attention to what they need instead of what I want.

4). Plants aren't perfect. Sometimes you'll get brown spots, or God forbid pests. These things are part and parcel of having plants and there isn't any need to panic or freak out. Neither are a big deal.

5). Sometimes, plants are dormant during different seasons. If you haven't seen much growth in your plant, and it's still looking healthy and happy, then Google it because it's probably dormant. Your Monstera likes to sleep over winter, just like you (and bears), so don't freak out and repot it, leave it be.

What are your top tips for new plant people?