So you've got a new plant?

Welcoming a new plant into your home is like pure joy. For a plant lover it's one of the best things about life and if you're anything like me you'll smile every time it catches your eye. New plants are the best, so let's talk about the things you should do to make sure that your plant adoption is a success.

Research, research, research

Knowing how to care for your new plant is absolutely paramount. When you buy a plant from Leaf & Co, we send all plants home with a plant care card that's specific to your species of plant. If you don't have that, check out the internet and look for care tips. 

We have developed generalised plant care card which will be available from our shop soon, but in the mean time, just record this info on a sticky note and leave it somewhere near your plant until you get used to what care it needs.

Quarantine your new plant

This is super important because you don't want to bring creepy pests into your house and infect all your other plants.
We wrote a whole post on pest control and here are some excerpts from that.

Stowaways: Be super careful when you bring your plants home as they'll often have stowaways that you don't notice because you've just fallen in love with your new plant and can't see anything but beauty in here. Beware, don't let her problems become the problems of all your sweet plants sitting quietly at home. Check your new friend from top to bottom (before taking her inside), under all leaves, the stem and even the soil for these common greeblies.

Social isolation: Once you've inspected your plant and you think she's pest free, think again. She might have eggs in her soil that are waiting until just the right time to hatch and yell, 'SURPRISE NEW HUMAN MUMMA'. Don't fall for it. It's time to socially isolate your new sweetie into a room on her own for a couple of weeks before introducing her to the gang. Hot tip, here at Leaf & Co HQ, we have a glass cabinet where all new plants go to spend some time on their own before meeting their new family. At this point, we put a yellow sticky insect trap on a stick and place it into the new plant, just to catch any critters that might have hidden in the soil on the way in.

We can't encourage this enough, keep your plants isolated and it'll save you later.

Find the right spot

Now your plant has come out of quarantine it's time to find out where it's going to live. You can't choose this, because the plant needs what it needs. There's no point in putting a light-loving, humidity-needing, warmth-loving plant in a dark, dank room. Alternatively, you can't put a plant that likes soft, filtered light on your kitchen windowsill that gets bright morning sun, it'll burn, ouchie.

 Be mindful of light, warmth and any drafts. Plants really don't like being in the direct path of heating or cooling units. Another thing to think about is humidity. Some plants thrive on it, others not so much, so when you're putting plants in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry you'll need to account for this.

Remember, the wand (plant) choose the wizard (location) Harry! /end Harry Potter reference.