About us

Leaf & Co Studio was born out of the absolute joy and benefits that surrounding yourself with plants can bring.

Plants are more than just decoration. They make our lives brighter simply by being in a room with us, whether clustered on window sills, congregated in corners or suspended from ceilings in hanging baskets. Their presence is therapeutic and adds color and texture to otherwise lifeless indoor spaces; research shows this helps us to refocus our energy and better manage stress.

The practice of collecting and caring for indoor plants is increasingly popular, but there’s nothing new about the human impulse to keep houseplants. What is new is the science that finally confirms what we already knew: plants make our lives happier and our minds healthier.

Our predisposition to love plants has a name: Biophilia. It’s defined as our tendency to prefer natural environments as a result of evolution. Research shows that because we have such a strong positive association with plants, their absence in our lives can actually cause physical and mental stress.

Today, people spend more time inside of buildings than ever before, especially in urban areas, which drastically reduces our interactions with nature, including open skies, fresh air, and lush greenery. With limited access to forests, gardens and even backyards, our only means of spending quality time in nature requires special visits to parks and beaches or day trips outside of the city. 

When I started on this plant journey I had no idea where it would take me. Years later, I am studying qualifications in horticulture, I have met beautiful friends through our shared love and interest of plants, and I absolutely love living in my house surrounded by beautiful plants that are alive and vibrant.

Plants are like interactive pieces of art, the perfect embodiment of beauty and life. At Leaf & Co, we want to help you by incorporating plants into your daily surroundings because they really do make life so much better.

We hope you join us and become a part of our Leaf & Co family.