Care Instructions - Alpinia Zerembet

The Alpinia Zerumbet ‘Variegata’ plant is a herbaceous perennial popular for its attractive foliage and flowers. Native to Eastern Asia, this plant is striking with its green and gold variegated leaves.

Long arching stems grow from the rhizomes with several lance-shaped leaves.

As the name suggests, this plant has variegated foliage. It produces green leaves with yellow stripes, however, each leaf varies in its variegation amount – some are green with gold or creamy yellow strips, and others are yellow with green-colored streaks.

They love light, light and more light
15-26° Celsius
Well draining, good quality potting mix.
Bright, direct light, south facing window is best as it doesn't like the heat from the midday sun.
Likes water, but doesn't like to be soggy. Regular deep watering with good drainage is best.

Fertalise once a month during all seasons.