Care Instructions - Araceae

The family Araceae is one of the oldest and more primitive basal families of all monocotyledonous plants, made up of herbaceous perennial plants, often with milky, or clear acrid sap. The stems are lianescent, tuberous, rhizomatous or reduced, and the leaves contain crystal raphides, with calcium oxalate crystals, which are irritating to herbivores, as they form needle-like fibers, similar to asbestos. The flowers are borne on a spadix, an inflorescence that contains a spathe, usually enshrouding the flower spike, which is often fleshy. Peace lily flowers are a common example of the spadix-type inflorescence, and one you’ve probably seen.  

They love warmth, bright indirect light and moist soil (not wet)
18-26° Celsius
Loose, well-draining potting mix with perlite
Bright, indirect sunlight will suit your Araceae the best.
Moist but never waterlogged

In the months between spring and autumn your Araceae should be fertilised every week or every two weeks. You should use a liquid fertiliser and use it according to its directions. During the resting period in winter the plants should be watered less and fertilised once a month at most.