Care Instructions - Ctenanthe

Native to Brazil and known for their striking leaves, the Ctenanthe is a real statement plant. Different species have different colours, but often they have vivid burgundy/purple undersides and lovely markings on the top side. Can reach up to 1m indoors (taller outside) and add a wonderful splash of colour to an otherwise mostly green array of indoor plants.
Ctenanthe love bright, indirect light and plenty of water
15-26° Celsius
Loose, well-draining potting mix with perlite and peat mixed through
They like bright, filtered light. Too much light and their leaf colour will wash out.

Soil must be constantly moist. Water every few days in summer. Use warm filtered water. 

With insufficient watering, the leaves begin to twist and dry up.

In winter, limit water to once a week when the leaves begin to form. Do not let these plants sit in water and refrain from getting the leaves wet.


Fertalise monthly in the spring and summer. In autumn and winter, fertalise every other month.